Step 2 of the 4 "Must-Haves" to Reaching Your Health Goals


It’s mid-January … the time of year when you or someone you know may be wondering “Why is it such a struggle to reach my health goals?” If you find yourself at this place, you’re not alone. Statistically, the odds are not in your favor unless you do these …

Step 1 (watch last week’s video here): Own Your Own Health and Identify Your AHA Moment

Owning your own health fully and completely means you accept the fact it’s Your responsibility and no one else’s. It’s Your story and part of Your life’s journey. When you accept this, you’ll be open to your AHA.

Your AHA Moment happens when you:

  • awaken to your health truth(s).
  • specifically identify what you want to change and can speak and hear truth about it.
  • are ready and willing to take action Now.

Today, we get to Step 2: Knowing Your BIG Why

When you’re setting out to improve your health, it’s often seems sooo hard. You need something to focus on and look forward to – Your BIG Why provides it! You need something or someone bigger than yourself … that goes beyond you. Your BIG Why sufficiently motivates you to move past the discomfort of change. It’s the promise out there in the future.

If you’re struggling to find your BIG Why, don’t worry. It’ll come to you. You may need stepping stones before you find your BIG Why and that’s OK. There’s no judgment or timeline. Just keep open to the possibility of finding it … when you’re ready.

If you’re still feeling stuck, here’s 3 tips to help you:

  1. Be still and quiet – find a quiet place to empty your mind of the mental chatter, endless To-Do lists and responsibilities. New ideas often show up during quiet times.
  2. Take action on the why you currently have in front of you – motion creates change and change can be the trigger to find your Why.
  3. Look at your life experiences, whether positive or negative. Your BIG Why often comes from these.

Like this episode? Share it and leave me a comment below with your current or BIG Why. If you’re not ready to share it with the world, just leave me a comment you’ve written it down or maybe you’ve done something else that’s creative. I’d love to hear from you.