Shopping App or Not?


Food shopping services – where you order online, your local grocery store shops for you, and you pick up or they deliver to your door – are increasing in popularity … but I have some reservations about it.

Buying groceries this way can lead to a lack of variety in your diet, and “disconnects” you from your food ingredients. For your health, selecting the foods for your meals needs to be prioritized.

However, I understand the reality of time pressure, especially here in the New York City metro area, so I have 5 tips for staying engaged with your food:

  1. Use online shopping for shelf stable products – cans, boxes, bags, etc.
  2. Shop for produce, fruits and protein (meat, fish, etc.) yourself where you can see, touch and select it firsthand. Schedule it.
  3. Visit your local farmer’s market for seasonal produce and fresh foods.
  4. Grow a small garden, even a window garden of herbs.
  5. As the seasons change, check to see if you’re changing your foods too.

Stay connected to your food for your health! Like this episode? Share it and leave me a comment below with experience with online grocery shopping.