My One Rule


If you or someone you love struggles with weight, you’re certainly not alone … 50% of women and 40% of men in the U.S. do too. And the obesity rates in our children are rising too.

Thirteen years ago, I decided this wasn’t going to happen in my family and I took a stand … and put the One Rule in effect to keep us trim:

I only make desserts and treats from scratch using real, whole food ingredients.

No boxed mixes; only gluten-free flours, organic eggs, etc.

The corollary to this Rule is:

I never use processed sugar, rarely use natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup, and instead rely on Stevia and unsweetened organic applesauce.

Two benefits of the Rule:

  • It is truly a treat and limited in quantity to the batch prepared and the time you have. You can’t go to the pantry and get another bag of cookies, etc.!
  • Desserts and treats just become wholesome foods to enjoy and savor for their nutritional value. There’s no guilt!

Watch the video for the full details. Click here to download my Stevia Conversion Chart on how to use Stevia to replace sugar.

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