Protein on a Budget


I received a question recently about how I plan for and buy healthy protein on a budget. First, quality protein is a non-negotiable for me. By that I mean organic or at least, natural.

So here are my five ways to managing the budget without compromising on the quality of the protein you eat:

  • Seasonal – Often means buying local. It’s more abundant – and therefore, generally less expensive – in season and provides variety that is critical to wellness.
  • Bulk – Farmers at my farmer’s market offer bulk discounts … for instance, 10 frozen whole chickens, ½ of a lamb or ¼ of beef. If you have a freezer and are willing to prepare a variety of cuts of meat, this can really save money.
  • Overlooked parts – For instance, turkey legs, lamb neck for stewing, bones, and for the adventurous, liver are often readily available because they are less popular.
  • Value – One of my favorites is eggs, organic and pasture-raised. Wild caught fish in season is another good choice. Also turkey and plant protein sources such as beans and seeds/nuts.
  • Protein powder … and a bonus, Pairings – I often use protein powder for breakfast, exercise recovery or a quick meal replacement when I’m in a hurry. And lastly, simple pairings, such as beans and rice, bacon and eggs, and lamb and lentils, work in synergy with each other and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Watch the video for the full details.

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