What's for Dinner?!


Are you overwhelmed by facing the question, “What’s for dinner?” every day? Let me share with you my system and a few resources that can help you plan healthy dinners for the whole week!

  • For me, it starts with planning the protein: fish twice a week, 1-2 meals of turkey, a chicken meal, a lamb (we prefer this in our house, but beef is fine) dish, an egg dish, and as an alternate, a soup.
  • Then consider your cooking method: saute, baking, stir-fry, steam or grill. Watch out for too much grilling as the char is not healthy. Marinating the meat beforehand can help though.
  • Next consider your spices and sauces. Do you want an Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Cuban or French cuisine? Or just good 'ol American?
  • Finally, what veggies are readily available, i.e. in season? Eat as much organic as possible and as wide a variety of seasonal ones that you can. We’re designed to eat a wide variety of veggies, though most Americans only average 5-10.
  • Think of dividing your dinner plate into quarters and having 2 quarters filled with veggies, 1 with protein and the last one with an optional starch, such as rice or quinoa, etc.
  • My go-to resources for helping me plan the protein as well as the cuisine and spices are the Well Fed cookbooks by Melissa Joulwan.

Watch the video for the full details.

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