Uniquely yours

The Sophoz Way is about resolving your unique health issue, so your body can heal. It is not about the diagnosis (and the defeating label for your symptoms), but about addressing the root cause. 

Your journey to restored health means unraveling YOUR story, the unique combination of viruses, germs and toxins to which you have been, and continue to be, exposed to. As your body heals, its nutrition needs change, so one-size-fits-all protocols never work. The Sophoz Way is unique to YOU.


Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit ... So you must honor God with your body.
— 1 Corinthians 6:19a, 20b (NLT)

Holistic = wholeness

Treating symptoms alone is the wrong approach. It only masks them, allowing the real problem to continue to worsen.  Symptoms are the clues to the root cause, the real health issue. They are not the issue.

With a holistic - "whole body" – approach, the layers of accumulated germs and toxins can be eliminated putting an end to your symptoms. Targeted nutritional support is the key to enabling your body to restore itself. This extra boost of nutrients also addresses any deficits in your diet, even the best one! 

The Sophoz Way provides a structured process to restore your health naturally and safely.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.
— Hippocrates
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Food is foundational

The essential ingredient of the Sophoz Way is nutrition and embracing the truth of "food is medicine".

Together we will identify the foods and nutrients that support your body and minimize those that don't serve you. To be successful you may need to change some habits and beliefs you have about food.

To get the greatest benefit from the foods you eat, we will focus on Clean Eating and Cooking. Simple, but nourishing recipes, that are tailored for a busy lifestyle will be shared. 

To fully heal, your body will need extra nutrients to restore itself, to close the nutrient gaps. These supplements may include vitamins, protein, super-greens, herbs or teas. Together we will figure out exactly what you need.