Is Now Your Time?

Photo by  Eva Blue  on  Unsplash

Photo by Eva Blue on Unsplash

When I meet new people, I sometimes get asked, “How do I know if they’re ready to work with someone on their health?”

It’s a great question! Let me share how I know ... through Lisa’s story.

Lisa (not her real name) called my office one crisp Fall morning. We had a friendly chat on the phone for 15 minutes as she shared the highlights of her health story.

A stay-at-home Mom in her late 40’s keeping up with two teenage boys. She had struggled with her weight and depression almost her whole life.

Currently, she was only on a thyroid med but had tried anti-depressants in the past. They never worked for long though but had led to a stubborn weight gain ☹.

And now she couldn’t lose those sticky pounds no matter what she tried. Working out at the gym, running, a fad diet her friend recommended ... nothing worked. The scale never budged.

Years ago she remembered feeling “absolutely fantastic” at 135 pounds. That was her goal now … and appropriate for her body type. She wanted help getting there in a healthy way - with monitoring and coaching.

She also realized she needed help with her food choices too. She battled with food triggers and a sugar addiction.

When I asked about her mood, she said she was irritable and her self-esteem was “in the toilet.” That needed to change. After all, she had two boys to raise. She so wanted to be a 'better version of herself' ... one that she and her boys could be proud of.

She was crystal clear on this. And on the urgency to make the change. You see her “bad time of year” was coming.

The doctor told her it was Seasonal Affective Disorder. She needed some help before everything “went dark.”

My Single Most Important Question

Knowing her story, strong motives and openness to change, I asked her this, “Are you Ready to Change Your story?

Her answer was an enthusiastic “YES, when can we start?”

The Environment and Thoughts That Produce Change

In her first appointment, she told me that for the first time she felt like someone heard her … and actually cared. Felt safe, not judged.

So vital! Without safety, authenticity, transparency ... healthy change cannot happen.

As important as safety, Lisa WANTED help and sought it out. So many people need help, but they most often are not ready to act.

She was finally ready for a change. She had reached what I call, "Coming to the end of Yourself."

Because of it, she had conviction, perseverance and a deep desire to winno matter what.

I knew that time, money, inconvenience and discomfort would not bother or stop her. She only needed an expert to guide her to her goal. Her personal win!

The cost wouldn’t matter either. It was an Investment in her future. She was ready and open to learning new things because her old ways weren't serving her anymore. If she could have done it on her own, she would have … but it hadn’t happened.

I knew she would be a Superstar Client ... and indeed she was. She achieved her goals including weight … over the next several months.

Yes, she had some setbacks but learned from them. She didn't let them sidetrack her and kept moving forward.

Do you see yourself in Lisa's story? Is it your time … to Change Your Health Story? Leave me a comment below or email me if you’re serious 😊.