Your Greatest Power ... and Gift

Photo by  Ivan Jevtic  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ivan Jevtic on Unsplash

As an herbalist, I find that most of my clients are woman and children. Because of this, I have the great privilege of seeing this power and gift with every visit.

This power and gift I’m talking about is especially strong in Mom’s, though women in other stages of life have it too 😊.

Kim (not her real name) called my office one afternoon crying so hard she could hardly talk.

A little earlier, the doctor had diagnosed her 5th grade son with PANS. Short for Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome.

In Western Medicine, syndromes are never good. It often means it's not well understood. Without an understanding, there's no clear path for treatment. Only never-ending questions.

A recipe for frustration to the max!

The Pediatrician painted a picture of a lifetime of meds for her son. For anxiety, OCD and tics ... along with regular visits to the Neurologist.

The idea of permanent medications did not sit well with her. She wanted to know if something more natural could help.

Later that day Kim entered my office with a DEVASTATED look on her face. Her eyes red and swollen from crying for hours.

I gave her a cup of herbal tea to help calm her while I looked at his lab results. Hmmm. White Blood Cells lower than normal. Complete Blood Count with Differential showed a chronic bacterial and viral infection.

She went on to tell me her son’s health story. On the surface, it sounded typical for a child ... except for the new and sudden neurological symptoms.

Something told me to ask about her pregnancy and birth experience with her son.

She said: “Funny you should ask me! On the way here, the memories of my labor and delivery with him popped into my head … out of the blue, and I didn’t know why. It seemed so random.”

Not to me. As a former nurse, Mom to five and now herbalist, I have seen this so phenomenon so many times. It’s the power and gift of a woman’s Intuition!

It’s especially strong during times of crisis. The bond between a Mom and her child can be amazing. Unshakeable.

So the rest of the story ...

Kim had had a strep infection days before her son’s birth. Despite the antibiotics she received, her son most likely got infected in the womb.

It was no one’s fault ... life happens that way sometimes.

Her son’s recent growth spurt ... and stress from school ... was most likely the catalyst for the infection to become evident.

Through a mix of herbs, diet and lifestyle routines, his symptoms have improved over time. As long as he stuck to the program!

No need for a lifetime of meds and endless doctor’s visits.

When has your Intuition been a major turning point? Did you trust it and follow it? Leave me a comment below or email me your story.