Tea Power!

Lately I’ve gained a whole new respect for herbal teas. I used to think that they were nothing more than, well, “just lovely.” I’ve lived and learned an important lesson. Herbal teas are more powerful than you think.

Turning to herbal teas is new for me. I didn’t grow up with them. I grew up in the Midwest where black coffee and black tea are the main hot beverages. The stronger the better.

But as I near the end of a two year herbal studies program, I wanted to experience the medicinal value of herbal teas for myself. Like you, I often need a good reason or two to try something new and different, so I decided this past winter would be a great test since I’m frequently around acutely ill clients.

Until now my “go-to” fixes have gotten me and my family through many winters in very good shape:  vitamin C, zinc lozenges, Echinacea, Elderberry, Rhodiola (all 3 of these are Herbalist & Alchemist tinctures), homemade organic chicken soup and vitamin D drops. But I wanted to see for myself just how much herbal teas could help.

Wow! All I have to say is, thank goodness I made that decision. We got through the winter in the best ever shape with the addition of herbal teas. I decided to use tea bags instead of loose teas for ease of use, storage issues, saving time and availability. Many of you feel “time-starved,” so I wanted make sure adding this into life could be as stress-free as possible. Also, tea bags are just more available. Most well-stocked grocery and health food stores carry them.

Here’s what I learned

For colds and flu-like illnesses, Traditional Medicinal’s Gypsy Cold Care is awesome. It’s warming, soothing and down-right magical.

Throat Coat (Traditional Medicinals) is just as the name implies … for that scratchy sore throat. It works even when you’ve been speaking a lot and your throat is dry.

Cat Nip is the one for calming the body and stomach. Alvita brand is organic and the one I use.

For insomnia, you can’t beat Chamomile (Traditional Medicinals) tea. It even works wonders for menopausal insomnia. For those of you that are allergic to ragweed, stay away from this one as chamomile is in the same plant family. 

For cold sores and similar viruses, Lemon Balm (Traditional Medicinals).

Red Clover blossoms (Alvita) remove heavy metals and help with lymphatic drainage in women.

And my “go-to” for help with digestion is Ginger tea (Yogi) or Ginger Aid (Traditional Medicinals).

Leave me a comment with your favorite herbal tea and how it helps you.