How to Make a Health Decision That Sticks

Conferences and workshops are often a source of ‘a-ha’ moments. As entrepreneurs, my husband and I rely on them to keep us motivated and connected to others like us. A few days ago, my husband returned from our favorite conference with a great ‘a-ha’ … a catchy and memorable way of saying something I know to be true, but hadn’t found a great way to capture. Well, problem solved! The insight that came from entrepreneur Jeff Walker is golden:

“99% is hard; 100% is easy.”

Wondering what Jeff meant? Let me explain. Have you ever found yourself having to think too hard about a decision you thought you already made, yet that decision point keeps circling back to haunt you time and time again? Maybe you find yourself feeling worn out by having to make that same decision over and over again. This used to happen to me more often than I’d like to admit.

What forced me to get out of that crazy cycle was coming to grips with a really scary chemical hypersensitivity reaction over 10 years ago after new carpet was installed in my home. Feeling like you can’t breathe because your nose and throat are so swollen will get you really focused! Once my acute crisis had passed, I realized things had to change … immediately! As an ICU nurse, I saw this happen once in my career, so I knew what to do. I had clean up my diet and environment.

Instantly, things became crystal clear to me. I was now on a mission to get what I needed to not only recover, but thrive! Nothing could stand in my way. I knew that I needed to go 100% organic in my food and personal care and house cleaning products in order to recover fully. No compromising. It just made sense. If your body is overwhelmed by chemicals, avoid them as much as humanly possible.

Going 100% organic was not such an easy task 10+ years ago. Back then, organic was not so available in my area. The nearest organic grocery stores were about an hour away. And organic personal care products, forget it. I had to order them from another country … Canada! It took two years before organic personal care products were locally available.

You may be asking yourself, was all this really necessary? My answer to you is a wholehearted and resounding YES! Had I not done it, I don’t think I would be here today writing and sharing with you … and thriving. That’s when I first embraced “99% is hard; 100% is easy.” I made the decision one time to change, not time and time again by negotiating the exceptions in my mind. The acute health crisis forced me to 100%, and I came to realize that 100% is truly easy.

Hopefully you won’t need a health crisis to make the leap for your Wellness. Today as a holistic nutritionist and herbalist, dedicating my time to helping others search for the answers to their health issues, one of my main goals is to help my clients make the leap from “it’s hard” to “it’s easy” with their health and food choices. So often just 1% stands in their way as they continually revisit their decision. True lasting change is just ONE decision away. Once made, it’s really liberating!

Do you need more “easy” in your life? What health decision do you need to make once and for all … and stop revisiting? Leave me a comment below describing the decision you’ve made that you now consider FINAL!