At the core, I help you unravel your lingering health issues. The ones that you desire to solve once and for all. In the process, you will discover your health can be restored to a level that you barely remember or maybe never had! Regardless of the "diagnosis" – your doctor’s label for your symptoms, I will help you get to the root cause. To me, labels aren't that important (and in fact, can cripple you). What’s important is sorting out and addressing the underlying issue(s).


Not only are you unique, but your Body's needs are ever-changing. What works today may not be the best for you next month or next year. Restoring your health means adapting as your hormones are shifting (most often, declining) with age, and to the ever-present toxins ... whether it’s an acute exposure to the lawn chemicals next door or the diesel exhaust from the bus ahead.

The toxic exposure might be from the ongoing presence of mold or heavy metals. Or from the contaminated air we breathe daily in our homes and workplaces. Or from the tainted water we drink, or even the fillings (amalgams) in our mouths. Regardless, your body needs ongoing help to detoxify itself daily.

The Sophoz Way provides what you need. It's a process for addressing your unique situation, health status, and lifestyle issues. Together we can get to the bottom of your health issue(s). Your body will have the capacity to deal with the stresses and toxins that are the reality of living in today's America.