Food is foundational

My tools, which have taken me a lifetime to accumulate, are simple, though (maybe) not easy for everyone to embrace. It all starts (and ends) with nutrition ... beginning with eating the foods that serve you and your body and eliminating the rest. This change alone is often a huge challenge because it means facing your ingrained habits. It means recognizing the social, family and cultural messages that have shaped your beliefs about food. And it means embracing the truth of "Food is Medicine". Food is not about calories alone or as an indulgence to meet your emotional needs. 

This is hard enough, but if it were only this straightforward! The sad fact is that today "Food is Poison" is truer. With nearly our entire food supply tainted with glyphosate (Round-Up) and myriad other toxins, the benefits of “Food is Medicine” are lost. To regain the benefit of food means knowing what is Clean Food and where to get it.


discovering the joy of cooking

But knowing the right Clean Foods is NOT even enough! In today’s culture of busyness and feminism, the practice and knowledge of Cooking have almost vanished. Without knowing how to prepare the Food, the best, most nutritious food will still go to waste in the frig and pantry. We not only cover the “how-to” but also “why” of cooking … how it nourishes your mind and soul.


But even cooking clean food is NOT enough!

The nutrient profile of today’s foods has been depleted by intensive farming … aiming for convenience, shelf life, color, and sweetness, not nutrition. For your body to have what’s needed to restore itself, it will need extra nutrients. First to overcome the deficiencies of today's foods and then to provide the specific nutrients that will give your Body what it needs to heal.

Together we identify and address these nutrient gaps as they occur ... as the layers of toxins and germs are removed.  These extra nutrients may come in the form of vitamins, minerals, protein supplements, superfoods, like greens. Or they may be homeopathics, herbal tinctures, teas and even, essential oils.