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Part 2 - Happiness Doesn't Come from a Pill

Last week I challenged the commonly held belief that pills are the answer to your child’s (or your) emotional, mental or behavioral health issues. I introduced you to how the brain and gut interact and left you with three ideas to consider before you blindly accept the advice of your doctor and take those pills. This week I want to address the suggestions for improving gut health and in turn, brain health.

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Happiness Doesn't Come from a Pill

So, I recently dropped my high-schooler off for a Youth Group weekend retreat when my Nurse “radar” kicked in. My gaze locked on a red bag stuffed full with paperwork and medication bottles in zip-lock baggies. I was shocked by the amount of medications necessary for about 75 teen-agers.

I left wondering why do so many people – parents –  believe there is health and happiness in a pill bottle?

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