More than the 'tip of an iceberg'

Photo by  Matt Palmer  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

Your health story matters! More than a health history, it provides clues to your health today.

Your health story is about the whole story of your health for your whole life. It's not about the symptoms that you’re experiencing today.

This is where I start when working with a client. The story is everything from their Mom’s pregnancy with them (if they know) to childhood illnesses. From injuries, surgeries and occupational hazards to their birth family’s health history. It even includes major life events, like deaths, divorce or abuse.

Yes, things like these are completely relevant to your present-day health.

Let me tell you the story of my husband’s health. (Yes, he approved!)

When I first met him, he suffered from recurring sinus infections. That meant repeated rounds of antibiotics … getting stronger ones over time.

As a frequent flyer (over 1 million miles as of today), he suffered from the effects of being a road warrior. From airplane cabin air pressure, time zone changes, and limited food choices. These were taking a toll on his health and leading to the chronic infections.

But this was only the tip of the iceberg …

Below the waterline were many life circumstances and events. Heavy metal toxicity from years of working in a chemistry lab. A whiplash injury from a high school car accident. And a parasite infection from some tainted food eaten years earlier to name a few.

Reaching his 50’s, his chronic fatigue worsened with falling hormone (testosterone) levels. Digging deeper, we found a story of an odd case of ‘mono’ as a high school senior, where the fatigue began.

Addressing these over time, his fatigue began to lift. His thinking became sharper. And the recurrent infections ended. And his blood test results started to move toward the optimal ranges, even for hormones.

(Better food choices and the use of herbal tinctures and vitamins made this possible. All without any meds!)

His improved health was only possible with his commitment to change. Changes in lifestyle and eating habits were essential. Fifteen-minute doctor appointments to treat each symptom could not have achieved this.

Like my husband’s, your health story is your own. Yours alone! Like no other. It shapes who you are and how your body responds.

What is unique to you about your health story? Leave me a comment below.

P.S. Stay tuned for my next post about why the one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work ... and what does.