How Fit is Your Brain?

Photo by  Huy Phan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

Last time (click here to read) I shared my experience of asking a group of professional women whether they ever experience “senior moments”, brain fog or fuzzy thinking.

With many nodding in agreement, I went on to share that the brain can age faster than the body.

In fact, as a recent study showed, most women don’t know they’re at a higher risk for serious brain issues than men. [Ref. 1]

But you don’t have to be one of them … since symptoms develop 20-30 years before diagnosis.

To let you check RIGHT NOW, I’ve put together these 2 easy ways to know how you’re really thinking!

① What’s your risk?

To understand your risk factors, take the “Fit” Brain Assessment below.


The “Fit” Brain Assessment

Knowing and identifying your risk factors for accelerated brain aging is the first step in taking responsibility for your brain health and your overall health story. Knowledge is Power, but Action is King! To see how you’re doing, simply check all the descriptions that apply to you and see how you score below.

⃝ Age 47 and up
⃝ Hypothyroidism
⃝ History of concussions (or suspected ones), or contact sports
⃝ History of low fat, vegetarian or vegan diet
⃝ Family history of Alzheimer’s, other dementias, or Parkinson’s
⃝ Heart disease / high blood pressure /stroke
⃝ Decreased sex hormones
⃝ High stress levels (chronic)
⃝ Poor quality sleep / insomnia / sleep apnea
⃝ Anxiety / depression
⃝ History of addiction
⃝ Lack of regular exercise
⃝ Diabetes
⃝ Chronic infections
⃝ Autoimmunity of any type
⃝ History of dental amalgams (silver fillings), living in house built prior to 1978, smoking, military service

Congrats, you’ve taken action … in owning your brain health! Let’s get your results. Tally up the items you checked. Here’s what your score is telling you:

0-2 … Your brain is in great shape.
3-5 … Now is the perfect time for a natural tune-up.
6 or more … Stop everything and seek professional holistic help.

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So you see the risk factors are about lifestyle and your story … and they are cumulative. Everything matters.

② Functioning fully?

To see how your brain is working in 11 different areas, click here to take the SLUMS exam. Make sure you set an alarm for 7 minutes. That’s how much time you have to finish it.

Scoring well across the 11 areas tested equals a fully functional brain … and full life.

When my clients first learn their results, they often burst into tears. Not because they’re upset about the results, but because for the first time they feel seen, heard and understood.

They finally have some hope of finding the answers they’ve been searching for. They’re not crazy.

And neither are you …

With these results, it’s up to you now to take action!

Next steps …

Drop me line or leave a comment below and let me know what you are going to do for your brain.

If you need to talk with me directly about your results and holistic healing options, just click the button below to schedule a 20-minute call.