The Goldilocks Effect

Do you remember reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears as a child? This fairy tale about the little girl who comes upon a house owned by three bears provides even us today as adults a valuable lesson ... the principle of “just right.”

Remember Goldilocks tries 3 different porridges and beds to find the ones that are “just right” for her. Have you found the things that are “just right” for your health?

If you’re like most people I meet with, you’re probably frustrated on some level. Maybe you’ve had some small wins, but the rest eludes you. Or you’ve made big progress, but have plateaued. Or perhaps you’ve made no progress or worst of all, gotten worse.

You’re wondering if there’s even an answer for you! I know what that feels like and will tell you … don’t give up! There is a “just right” solution for you.

The biggest needle-movers of your health

I’ve helped many clients figure out their “just right”. For wellness, the biggest needle-movers are finding your unique foods, supplements and exercise that work best for you. As you may have guessed, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. You’ve probably tried one program after another to no avail. Sound familiar?

Stop the insanity

Isn’t it time to embrace the notion that you are a unique individual that has unique needs. You have a very specific genetic inheritance, biochemistry, neurochemistry and set of life experiences that require your very own solution. A solution that’s designed just for You.

So back to Goldilocks …

What Goldilocks got right – She understood that she needed an individualized solution.

But she didn’t get it all right! She kept trying one thing after another to find her “just right” … much as we’ve all done at one time or another in our quest for wellness.

There’s a better way

To find your “just right”, there comes a point when you need expert help. Someone who’s been down that road themselves ... and critically, has also helped others on their journey to Wellness! Most importantly this coach must guide you to a unique solution, not just another program.

Are you ready to get started? Leave me a comment at with your decision and your first step to moving forward.