Three Reasons to Change NOW!

From time to time, I get asked “When is a good time to introduce healthier changes to my family’s way of eating?” My short answer is “NOW!” Seize the moment … or it may pass.

While any season of the year is a good time to introduce healthy changes, Summertime has a unique advantage –  an out-of-the-ordinary schedule combined with pleasant weather. This is unlike a disrupted winter schedule with its unpredictable snow, sleet and ice.

With school out, summer work schedules and beach time and travel plans underway, this shift in your daily rhythm is a golden opportunity to introduce healthier changes.

In case you need a reminder, change is good. Most of us find it invigorating, especially little kids. I find kids to be very open to change this time of year. Even if you don’t have kids at home, I challenge you to think like a kid – be open and happy about what’s ahead. It’s freeing! The funny thing about feeling free is change is easier.

Here’s three reasons why I think Summertime is an especially great time to introduce healthier ways of eating:

  1. Daily schedules tend to be a little lighter and the mood more relaxed. This makes experimenting with new foods and new ways to prepare it more inviting. There’s a little more time to think, plan and be creative. Even if you burn dinner, there’s always the beautiful weather to distract you from the obvious!
  2. Fresh produce is in abundance. Check out your local Farmers’ Market and see for yourself. If you have your own garden, that’s even better. You’re just a brief walk away from having the freshest possible foods.
  3. Warmer temperatures make for more interest in veggies and fruits. That’s because they’re cooling to the body compared to heavy, rich foods. Try a new veggie or fruit that you’ve never had before or prepare it in a new way.

If anyone in your family is “veggie-phobic”, try this. When my kids were little and had their spells of being finicky or reluctant, serve the veggies first while you’re preparing the rest of the meal. That’s when they’re the hungriest and most likely to eat them.

Stand firm though and don’t cave in. Repetition works. Keep providing the opportunity and eventually they’ll cave in out of sheer hunger. It may take 7-10 tries though, so be patient and remain upbeat.

How are You going to change things up this Summer at your house? If your reading this anywhere but at, head over there to my blog and leave me a comment about the next new summertime fruit, veggie or dish that you’re going to try at your house.