From Head to Heart

Big Why

It’s so easy for me to get stuck in my head sometimes. Can you relate? There’s endless emails, To-Do lists, and tons of facts and data to sift through every day. I’m especially prone to it since a fair amount of what I do is data-driven. I even fell victim to it as a Mom of three more often than I would’ve liked.

The reason I’m thinking about this topic is because I just returned home from a very unique 3-day experience. It focused me and re-awakened my true WHY behind what I do, that … somehow, somewhere … I had gotten disconnected from. I help mostly women and children figure out the root of their health mystery, usually chronic in nature, in an effort to turn it around and change their story to a happier one.

You see, my Granny suffered a stroke when I was about 10 years old. My Granny was my everything … the only person in the world that understood and accepted me for ME! She was just about to share some life lessons with me when a stroke hit her that early summer morning. The stroke left her unable to speak and frustrated her to no end. On the bright side, she was ALIVE, could still understand and was able to care for herself. I felt robbed though.

I never did learn what she wanted to share with me. But her stroke gave me my Why. At that moment of clarity, I vowed that I would help others prevent or recover from serious health issues. That’s how I ended up becoming an R.N. and now a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

So what does this story have to do with you and your health?

Everything! The decision to live a healthy lifestyle first starts in your head. You decide, and then you get busy learning about food, meal planning, where to shop, new recipes, supplements, exercise, how to sleep better, etc. A brilliant doctor once told me in caring for patients, “Start with the head, Mary. Start with the head!”

He never explained himself, but I propose that you don’t become well until you get out of your head and into your heart. This is where your life’s Big Why resides and is waiting for you to take hold of it.

So right about now, I’m hoping you feel inspired to take some time to relax, dare to journey into your heart, and see what stirs you, makes you feel alive! Dare to take hold of it and start to LIVE it. This is what will sustain you when the healthy changes you make seem too hard, too overwhelming, or too boring.

Wellness starts to happen when you go from your head to your heart. Thanks Granny!  

Leave a comment below and share what’s your Big Why driving you to live a healthy life? Your comment may inspire someone else!