Are You a Modern-Day Hunter-Gatherer?


It’s mid-winter and the grocery store produce is looking … can I say … just sad. Wilted and yellowed leaves and so little to choose from. Even the protein (meat) color is not very appealing, ranging from fake pink to red or to a dingy, slightly grey hue along the edges. Ughhhh. So what’s a person to do?

Check out your nearest farmers’ market!

Whether you’re a foodie or a newbie to cooking, sourcing your food from known and trusted farmers and gardeners is the way to go. You can ask them how they grow their produce, feed and pasture their animals, where the bees get their nectar from, etc. They LOVE to talk about how they do things differently. And they should. They really care about doing things right for people, animals, the environment and future generations.

We’ve been faithful customers – rain or shine, heat or cold – of the amazing, year-round farmers’ market in Easton, Pennsylvania for many years. In fact, it’s the oldest continuous, open-air market in the U.S. - since 1752 - and was voted #1 Farmers’ Market nationwide last year! They have a wide variety of vendors offering everything from eggs, dairy, protein (meat), honey, bread, veggies, fruits, coffee, and treats for people as well as your favorite pet, to homemade soaps and handcrafts. And best of all, the prices are competitive with the grocery store!

Not sure where your nearest farmers’ market is?

Check Google or ask your friends - even Facebook ones - first. You can also check out the sites below to see what else is available. You may be pleasantly surprised to find more places than you thought.

Eating Local, Seasonal and Organic foods make such a difference in you and your family’s health. You’ll notice you have more energy and may even slim down because your body isn’t bogged down by toxic pesticides, herbicides and any number of chemical additives or heavy metals found in most food today. Most of all, these foods not only taste better, but are more nutritious (more nutrients are retained because the distance from farm to your table is much shorter). And besides, you’ll be supporting your local economy as well. It’s a win for everyone. How often can you say that?

Leave me a comment below and share the name of your local farmers’ market and what makes it special to you! I’d love to hear from you.