Header 1 Sophoz - 85px

Alexa Std is a pretty close match to Savoye LTE Plain 1.0 used in the logo. It is an Adobe Typekit font, which can be uploaded to Squarespace.

Header 2 - in Canva, Oswald 42

Header 3- in Canva, Monserrat 24

Paragraph - in Canva, Source Sans Pro 16; in Squarespace, Work Sans 16px

Logo font: Leelawladee Bold and Leelawladee and Savoye LTE Plain 1.0

Brand kit: in Canva - all logos present there. Savoye LTE Plain 1.0 cannot be uploaded to Canva. I did not try with Alexa Std from a free site.


ColorPalette 12-27-2017.png
This is a Quote Block. This is Alexa Std 32 px. No option to change font color.
— Gene Z - this is Work Sans 12 px transform upper