My lifelong dream

From the time I was a little girl, I knew deep in my heart that I wanted to be a nurse ... to help others. But as a child growing up on a small farm there were chores to be done ... eggs to gather, gardens to tend, animals to care for, and even chickens to help butcher (yes, we really did that!).

There was learning to cook the old German way at my grandmother's side. And then there was dinner to get on the table before my mom got home from work.  Looking back, it was this deep understanding of food, … where it comes from and how to prepare it, … that has driven my passion for food and nutrition.  

But I also saw my uncle succumb to cancer brought on by pesticide exposure after a lifetime of farming.  And there was the heartbreak of watching my grandmother succumb to a stroke. Out of these experiences came an awareness of the preciousness of health. This has motivated me to dedicate my life to health care ... first to my family, then for my patients and now serving clients like you. 

After earning my B.S., R.N., I set out on my life's work ... or so I thought ... to be a Nurse. Working in cardiac care, post-op recovery rooms, ER's and surgi-centers, I witnessed and embraced the miracle of modern medicine ... the ability to use science and technology to save a life from trauma and near-certain death.

But over two decades I also saw the sharp decline in patient health and the increasing callousness of the practice of medicine. Truly caring for patients became rarer. Healing wisdom and time increasingly sacrificed to prescribing a pill to move on to the next patient.

And then came the turning point

Toxic chemicals in our newly installed carpet overwhelmed my body and I crashed. Struggling to deal with what was happening to my body, I applied everything I knew. I turned to the smartest doctors I had met in my career. Only I found no answers, no explanations, and only pills to reduce my life-threatening symptoms.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
— Philippians 4:13 (WEB)

It was soon clear that I KNEW that I had to solve my problem on my own. Western medicine was NOT the answer. There were no miracles in modern medical science that were going to save me. I soon realized that the Truth and the solution lay in some of the earliest lessons I learned as a child.

I ALSO KNEW that I WOULD figure it out. As my children could tell you, we went back to the basics ... whole foods, cooked at home, no more processed foods, eating and living Organic (before it was cool or easy to do).


And I began to read and study. To learn about the world of ancient medical practices that lie outside the realm of Western medicine, I invested several years in extra holistic and herbalism training. With this newfound knowledge, I restored my health and dealt with the hormone issues that age brings. I overcame food and chemical hyper-sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease, and hormonal imbalances. My health has been restored to a level I’ve never experienced.

I have also restored my husband's health from the side effects of being a chemist and committed road warrior for too many years. As he will quickly tell you, our energy and clarity of thought are at their highest level since we were in our 20's ... decades ago!

As our health recovered, I realized how many people were ill-served by Western medicine. They too are longing for solutions to their own lingering health issues. Out of this realization came the birth of Sophoz Wellness. Today I guide clients … just like you … on their own journey to wellness.