As your coach and consultant, I will guide you to the Wellness you desire. You will get the full benefit of my 2+ decades of experience as a practicing nurse and mother raising 4 children. You gain the insights of how I journeyed back from the depths of illness to wellness ... without all the trials and dead ends. And you have my know-how as a practicing herbalist and holistic nutritionist.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to study under world-renowned Herbalist and Ethnobotanist, David Winston, R.H. (AHG). From him I learned the herbs and ways of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Middle Eastern, Native American, and European cultures, so I am able to combine the wisdom of these ancient practices with the best of 21st-century medical science to guide you.

This is a team effort!

But you can only be as successful as your commitment level. Know that there are times when you will fail. This is about "failing forward", about learning. Learning about your Body, its response, your Mindset, and mental triggers ... so that you will prevail the next time.

Know too that there are times when you may doubt me, but that I will ask you to trust me and the process. Sometimes your thinking may become foggy as your body restores itself. But instead of doubting your judgment, trust the process. There may periods of discomfort (symptoms) as your body casts off a layer that creates doubt. But rather than reaching for the Advil to mask the pain, trust the process. With the Sophoz Way, you will find your way to wellness.

You get everything you need to succeed ... the know-how about nutrition, Food, Cooking, and supplements. Plus the experience and my time-tested medical knowledge about what works. And the accountability to restore (and maintain) your health. You get the resources, the recipes, and all the products necessary to achieve success.

What I will NOT offer you is another diet, meal plan, or food blog. Nor will you get another program with "cure-all" supplements that will magically fix everything. This isn't another program or book that will sit on your shelf gathering dust. This IS about discovering and understanding your story and what makes you "You". It's about identifying and applying Nature's best nutrients so that your body can restore and rebalance itself.